Solar Thermal

Solar thermal collectors are a highly efficient way of harnessing the free energy emitted from the sun.  All solar thermal collectors have tubes containing a heat transfer fluid that circulates around the system and is heated by the sun.  Energy from the heat transfer fluid is transferred to your store of hot water via a coil heat exchanger inside your hot water cylinder in your home.  Temperature sensors in the collector and at your cylinder help regulate the temperature of your stored hot water and ensure you get the maximum efficiency from your solar thermal system.


There are two types of collectors which are, flat plate collectors and evacuated tube collectors.

Flat Plates

Flat plate collectors are made up of a well-insulated metal frame with a glass top, beneath which is a copper or aluminium absorber plate.  This absorber is covered in a special dark coating purpose-made to absorb as much of the sun’s energy as possible.  Attached to the absorber plate is the tube containing the heat transfer fluid.  As sunlight passes through the glass and heats the collector, the sunlight’s thermal energy is absorbed by the absorber plate and transferred to the fluid via thermal conductivity.  The heated fluid is then pumped round the system and eventually deposits its heat energy through the coil heat exchanger inside your hot water cylinder.

Evacuated Tubes

Evacuated tube collectors consist of a number of long glass tubes, each containing an individual absorber plate, which are connected to a heat pipe.  Evacuated tube collectors harness solar energy in much the same way as a flat plate.  The absorber is heated and transfers its heat energy to the tube containing the heat transfer fluid via thermal conductivity.  However, evacuated tubes use the sunlight to generate heat energy whereas flat plates use the sun’s thermal qualities.  This means evacuated tubes would generate more heat energy than a flat collector.  The absorber plate and heat pipe are insulated from the cold outside air by a vacuum within the tube.



The cost of your solar thermal system depends on a range of factors, like evacuated tube panels or flat plate panels to the number of panels you require. You can also claim back £300 towards your solar thermal system from the government as part of the RHI (Renewable Heat Incentive).



A well designed solar thermal system can make substantial savings on your bill.

Saving you upto.

75-90% of your hot water usage in the summer

35-50% of your hot water usage in the spring/autumn

10-20% of your hot water usage in the winter



Solar thermal system in chapel-en-le-frith, using a KLOBEN SKY PRO CPC 58 / SERIES 150,

With a BARBERI pump station and a 250 litre unvented GLEDHILLS tank.

Along with a GRANT combiSOL control system. Installed by SMART GREEN ENERGY COMPANY LTD,

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