Newmills ,Derbyshire
3.74 kWp System on a south facing roof using 22 X Schott 170 polycrystilline panels with a mastervolt XS4300 inverter.
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Glossop Derbyshire
3.15 kWp system on a south facing roof using 14 x Schott 230 polycrystilline panels with a sunny boy 3000 inverter.
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Schott Solar polycrystalline
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Schott Solar Polycrystalline

SCHOTT Solar polycrystalline

solar modules

The long-established German company SCHOTT Solar is a world leader in the photovoltaic industry and has more than 50 years of experience in the development and production of components for solar applications. SCHOTT Solar polycrystalline modules are specifically designed for both roof- and ground-mounted applications. Due to strict internal quality standards, all modules benefit from exceptionally long durability, which results in maximised profitability. The polycrystalline cells within each module are sorted to particularly narrow performance tolerances, thereby allowing series interconnections with minimal mismatch losses.

Double of the required standard: SCHOTT Solar tests its modules for twice as long as is required by the IEC.

High resistance to mechanical loads: The solid anodised aluminium frame ensures superior torsional resistance. SCHOTT Solar polycrystalline modules are also tested to an extreme loading pressure of 5,400 Pa – which equates to 550 kg per square metre and a reassuring level of security for your investment.

High performance output: All SCHOTT Solar polycrystalline modules hold a positive tolerance of their nominal power rating. This ensures a stable high-energy output and a quick return on investment.

Long-term reliability: SCHOTT Solar offers a power output guarantee of 25 years and a product warranty of five years.

Increased resistance to reverse current: SCHOTT Solar polycrystalline modules have a high resistance to reverse current, minimising the wiring costs.


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