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Fronius IG40/IG60
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Fronius IG40/IG60

Fronius IG. The Reliable
PV Inverter Series.
The Fronius IG series has proven itself to be powerful, user-friendly and highly reliable in a compact format. Equipped for every size of system, the combination of different types available for selection is limitless. The ingenious processor control combined with the powerful HF transformer extracts the maximum energy yield from all types of modules.

Fronius IG 60 HV. The Powerhouse.

Higher yield due to work-sharing is achieved by linking the two power circuits using the MIX™- concept, our optimized master-slave system. In the part-load range only one of the two power stage sets operates, while both work together at full-load. The advantages are a noticeable increase in yield with a simultaneous reduction in operating wear.


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