The Benefits of Solar Photovoltaic

No CO2
They do not generate greenhouse gases, saving CO2 emissions.

There are a number of installation options available to suit all tastes. We can discuss this with you at the site survey.

Silent and Pollution free
Well suited to the urban environment and is a silent, pollution free way of producing electricity

Simple to install
Simple to install. The majority of the work takes place on the roof, although in most cases the erection of scaffolding will be required.

Easy maintenance
All systems are easy to maintain. The panels need to be reasonably clear of dust and debris and the rain is sufficient to clean them on a standard pitched roof, just make sure trees don’t begin to overshadow them. We do however offer annual maintenance should you wish your panels to be checked and cleaned if required.

A sound investment
A sound, financial investment which is likely to increase the value of your property whilst making it highly energy efficient. You are actually selling your property with an income.

It's smart!
It makes perfect sense in the current climate of dwindling oil reserves, rising fuel costs and global warming, to tap into a free, natural energy resource.

Feed-in Tariff
Systems installed now will qualify for subsidies under the Government’s Feed-in Tariff legislation effective from April 2010. This means you could be paid up to 21p per kWh produced for small photovoltaic systems installed to existing dwellings (different rates apply for larger commercial installations, etc – please refer to the Energy Savings Trust’s website for further details

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Solar energy benefits

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